I’m Brimley.

About Me

I was rescued from an inhumane breeder. After being the breeder's stud at a young age, I developed major eye problems requiring surgery; instead of getting me the surgery I needed, my breeder had both of my eyes sewn shut to bide time and continue breeding me. I was ultimately left in a cage with my eyes sewn shut, and by the time Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue took me in, they didn't even know my eyes were sewn shut because there was so much goop caked all over my eyes and face from neglect. My dad came to meet me 2 days later.

SPHR took a big chance on my dad as he was a first-time pet owner and I'm very high maintenance, but they could tell we fell in love right away. I was in rough shape and had a good chance of losing my left eye, but with a twice daily course of eye drops, eye ointment, oral medication through a syringe, and painkiller pills, both of my eyes completely healed and I never even needed surgery! These days I'm a happy and perfectly healthy boy who craves affection (belly rubs are my favorite).

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